Make a life or career change based on what you really need.

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Make a life or career change based on what you really need.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to change career but you have a fear of the unknown.
  • You've started to worry that you'll just always be dissatisfied.
  • You have no idea what else you want to do!
  • What if you run into the same old conflicts and people problems?
  • You're burnt out and don't have the energy to make a shift.
  • You don't feel resilient enough to lose stability right now.
  • You feel trapped by the salary/prestige and don't want to let others down.
  • You're scared of getting it wrong.

Get ready to shift..

Rediscover your inner resources and reconnect with your authentic self. We'll look at your career in the context of your whole life. Here's what we'll cover:


Identify your unmet needs and barriers to rest. Work through beliefs around productivity and examine the impact on your confidence and self-esteem.


We use the best therapeutic tools to understand your challenges. Uncover how childhood conditioning, stress and trauma influences your career success.


Learn how to cope with pressure and relational challenges. Explore your authentic purpose. Design a future that meets your needs and preferences.

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How does it work?

In RECOVER + SHIFT I take you through the steps that really make a difference. We focus on healing, as well as moving forward using self-analysis and visualisation.

It is a self-paced online video course that feels like 7 mini-therapy sessions. You get immediate access to all content, including 3+ hours of videos, downloads and journal reflections.

Hello, I'm Lee

When I retrained as a therapist after 15 years in corporate, I realised how much our careers are influenced by childhood conditioning, trauma and emotions.

Changing careers is hard, not because we don’t know the practical steps to take - like updating LinkedIn and leaning on our network, but because we rarely look at the emotional side of things. We don’t take the time to recover, to examine how we show up or to even think about what we really want. We are often driven by fear, jumping straight into familiar roles, reliving old patterns (and sometimes traumas). My passion is help you do things differently!

I am a UK-based therapist and coach who loves working internationally with clients. I'm Scottish and not a fan of fancy words or psycho-babble. My style is direct, honest...and always compassionate.

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