Set yourself free from Fawning.

Living in the Fawn response is exhausting. You live on high alert, always helpful, never a burden. This course teaches you how to stop fawning so that you're free to rediscover who YOU are and what you really want.

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Is this you?

  • You anticipate what everyone else needs.

  • You avoid discomfort by playing small.

  • You are super-capable and rarely ask for help.

  • You feel dissatisfied and disconnected from yourself.

  • You only rest once you hit burnout.

This course will..


  1. Explain exactly what the Fawn response looks like and how it develops.
  2. Show you the impact that fawning has on your nervous system and your aspirations.
  3. Give you the tools to cope with the everyday stressors that lead to fawning.
  4. Teach you how to reconnect with the real you.
  5. Help you to develop self-compassion and to advocate for yourself.

What's included

 A self-paced course with over 3 hours of video content and  30+ workbook exercises created by a registered therapist.

Module 1


Learn how to recognise the signs of fawning. Discover how the fawn response developed and how it is reinforced in your life. Develop self-compassion for ALL parts of you.

Module 2


Understand how fawning impacts your nervous system and learn how to recognise burnout before it hits. Assess how connected you are to your own needs and values.

Module 3


Introduce strategies to cope with stressors and how to set boundaries as a fawner. Rediscover who you really are, how to identify your needs and how to assert yourself.

With you on the journey..

I'm a registered UK therapist, a recovering Fawner, and your biggest advocate!

I share my personal knowledge of fawning as well as everything I’ve learned from working 1:1 with fawners in therapy. I share what I know while leaving space for you to take what is helpful and to connect with your own truth. As a Scot, I’m not a fan of fancy words or psycho-babble and will explain theory and clinical terms as plainly as possible. My style is direct, honest and compassionate. x

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One Time Payment


A deep-dive course with a special focus on the fawn response.


  • Immediate access to all content
  • 20 x 10 minute video sessions
  • 30+ pages of therapeutic exercises

Course Contents 


  1. Anatomy of a Fawner
  2. Am I Fawning?
  3. Understanding the Four F’s
  4. How Fawning Develops
  5. How Fawning is Reinforced
  6. The Positive Side of Fawning


  1. How I Show Up
  2. Fawning and the Nervous System
  3. The Frazzled Fawn
  4. Losing a Sense of Self
  5. Fawning and Relationships


  1. Managing Triggers and Stressors
  2. Overcoming Boundary Challenges
  3. Making Environmental Changes
  4. Rediscovering the Self - Your Values
  5. Rediscovering the Self - Your Needs