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Learn how to thrive in your life and career by undoing conditioning and healing past trauma. 

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Hi, I'm Lee

When I retrained as a therapist after 15 years in corporate, I realised how much our careers are influenced by  trauma, conditioning and mental health struggles. My journey to entrepreneur-Therapist has led me to re-examine what I view as 'success'.

I am a registered person-centred psychotherapist which means that I believe that you know yourself better than I do. My job is to help you make connections, to share knowledge, offer challenges and 'hold' the tough stuff that you've kept inside. I'm Scottish and not a fan of fancy words or psycho-babble. My style is direct, honest...and always compassionate. 💗

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I talk about careers, trauma, childhood conditioning, personal fulfillment, being a 'coper' and how to be your own compassionate advocate.

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