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Career Therapy is a coaching approach that blends in my training as a psychotherapist. Our work is about change and has a clear structure and purpose. If you struggle with self-compassion, connecting with what you really need and why you feel the way you do, bringing in a therapeutic approach allows deeper insight and change.

My clients tend to be highly driven, ambitious...and hard on themselves. You have probably come to an impasse in your career and feel concerned that you're not coping as well as you used to. You'd benefit from a non-judgemental space to talk openly and explore what to do next.

I help my clients to understand how stress and trauma can impact our career and our ability to find fulfilment. We work on finding the most authentic you and integrating that into your life. This often results in life and career change, although not necessarily.

I offer a limited number of 4-session packages each year. I work on a flexible basis, internationally and online using Zoom. Clients also have access to my online course library.

Update Spring 2024 - I am not currently taking on new coaching clients. 

About me

I'm a person-centred Therapist and Coach which means that I aim to be open, genuine and to understand how you experience the world.

Before retraining as a therapist I worked in corporate consulting and I've carried my analytical skills into my therapeutic approach. Our sessions are directed by you, while I bring structure, challenges and psychological insight. I am UK-based but travel often. Within my 42 working weeks per year* I have a very flexible approach to booking and rescheduling. I do not have a "same slot, same day" approach!

My approach is compassionate and non-judgemental. I believe that we all have the potential to be our best self, but we sometimes lose connection with who we are.

I have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy and my most recent professional development includes:

  • The Rewind Technique for PTSD
  • Resilience and the Inner Critic
  • Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy
  • Working with complex trauma and dissociation
  • Facilitating Post Traumatic Growth
  • Creative Strategies for Depression and Anxiety

*See FAQs for more info on availability

Is Career Therapy right for me?


Career therapy is a form of coaching and this work can be intensive. We dive right into the tough stuff so it can be helpful if you're familiar with my work and approach. I share most days on instagram.

Career Therapy works best for present-day problems such as burnout, career stress, lack of motivation or direction. It can also help when present-day challenges such as grief, divorce and parenting are impacting your resilience.

We can address the past as it relates to the present day, or when something has become a pattern - but we may not have enough space to fully process deeply traumatic experiences.

That said, I am always surprised and encouraged by the depths of insight my clients can reach. Our work together can be powerful and transformational.

Career Therapy Package


  • Pre-session questionnaire + support resources
  • 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Access to¬†my Online Course Library
  • Session plan and of work¬†summary¬†